Wedding Albums | Are They Worth It?

Digital vs. Physical

Today we are bombarded by mountains of images, catchy titles and captions, and monsoons of social media memes, tweets, and post. Personally, all that information is enough to make me feel overwhelmed and exhausted. And yes, I too find it ironic, that I am sitting here adding to the heap of internet knowledge and opinion by writing this ... BUT ... this post is being written to let you know that you can have an intimate and very personal photographic keepsake from your wedding that can not be savored any other way except through touch and feel. Let's just say that the wedding albums Blake Prim Photography offers is on the list of things I wish I had from my own wedding.

Best Intentions vs. Reality

Too often I find engaged couples searching out photographers who will simply provide digital photos to them to do as they like so that once they are married they can print them, turn them into albums, or post them online for all of their friends and family to see. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that!

With that being said, too often I'll find myself having the best intentions of doing something constructive only to put it off so that another more immediate need can be accomplished. After some time that good intention is lost in the shuffle of daily life and may be forgotten or thought unnecessary.

A Physical Reminder

Imagine this: You hear faint footsteps approach your front door and a quick knock. It's time! Your photographer said it would be arriving any day now but it's felt like forever. Upon opening the door, you find a package for you. (Don't you just looove packages for you. I know I do.) It's heavy. Like ten pounds of awesomeness heavy. Carefully releasing the flaps you pull up the lid to reveal your 12x12 Flush Mount Genuine Leather Wedding Album encased in it's elegant and durable album box. You start to drool a little but quickly come back to reality because you haven't even opened it yet!

This is the real deal. You weren't sure at first if you'd made the right choice by upgrading to the front cover cameo photo, but now you are so glad you did. It's picture perfect. Opening the album, you are greeted by 24 inch spread of your wedding day. Each page has been designed by your photographer with input from you. The rigid pages and flush mount seam are perfect for showing off your beautiful images. Archival quality matte printing ensures that there won't be any fading over time or fingerprint smudges. Your album will endure. It is a physical reminder of your devotion and love.

** Disclaimer - The above events may sound far fetched but each time I receive a client's album on my door step I get more giddy than a school girl. Honest.

Cost vs. Worth

You ask, "Ok, ok, so how much does an album cost, already?" Well I'm glad you asked. Your 12x12 Wedding Album pricing will start at $600. Most wedding albums I do average between $650-750 based on the options that my clients really want included. But let me ask this question? How much is it worth? My wife, Kelly, and I were on a shoe-string budget when we got married. We paid for large portions of it out of our own pockets. We didn't receive an album or a super great photographer because we weren't willing to consider the real investment we were missing out on. Now I have BIG regrets for not finding a way to budget for a nice photo album. Hindsight is 20-20 they say but learn from my mistakes and don't discount the warmth you'll feel when you are holding your album for the first time.

Below are some photos I took of my most recent album I received. Look and enjoy.

Each Wedding Album comes in a durable yet stylish case which can be personalized to include printing or a full surface photo of your choice.

Each case is lined in velour and is velvet soft.

Albums may include two lines of painted text or opt for a cameo photo in center of the cover instead.

Coverings may come in a variety of textures as well as colors. Full list of of options available. Please contact me for more specifics.

12x12 Albums have a standard of 10 spreads (left and right page combined) but can have up to 25 spreads or 50 pages.

Thick inner substrate with real silver halide photo paper will stand up to the test of time.

Strong, tight binding gives the album a crafted feel.

6x6 Parent Album Companions are a perfect addition to the larger wedding album.

Happily Married

Wedding Bouquet, Program, and Happy Couple

Wedding Details and Bride Getting Ready

Groom Getting Ready and Bride Reading a Personal Letter

The First Look

The Bridal Party

The Bridal Party Continued

Almost Time for the Ceremony

Here Comes the Bride


Couples Session

Family Portrait Session

The First Dance, Father-Daughter Dance, Mother-Son Dance

Reception Details

Cake Cutting

​ ​​

Bridal Bouquet and Garter Toss Along with Toasts

Wedding Album Details of Wedding at The Kyle House

The Kyle House and Exit

Casing with Album and Parent Album Companion

Personal Seal

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